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True Happiness is our entire reason to live




Im a 62 year old retired Navy Corpsman and a retired Special Education teacher. By practicing the principles of Real Love, I have experienced more peace and confidence in my life.

There is an old spiritual saying that says, God works through people, for me Greg Baer MD has been one of those people. He has accepted me and loved me unconditionally, even after telling him my problems and faults.

I have been seeking how to become a better and more loving person most of my life but have never been able to accomplish it. Real Love has given me the tools and steps to learn how to become a more happy and loving person.

For me it wasn't by reading a book or meditating on a mountain by myself. Believe me I have tried those things. It has only been through being loved by people who are capable and available to love me unconditionally that I have been able to experience Real Love. Talk to us, Greg Baer MD, Pete Uglow or any one of the people in the Real Love community to learn more about Real Love.  

Dale, Reno


Im a 53 year old and was in the restaurant business for 35 years; also a former massage therapist untill a car accident caused a spinal cord injury resulting in constant chronic pain. However I am happier now than I have ever been due to Real Love. Due to the massive pain I was in physically, emotionally and spiritually, I knew I was losing my joy in life and I wanted it back. Also, as with any marriage there are challenges and I wanted to learn how to love my husband Dale better. I remembered a CD of a book Real Love, a gift from my Mom (Thank You, Mom) whom had heard Greg Baer MD speak at her Unity Church in Clearwater FL. After listening to the CD, I ordered the Real Love book so that I could read it, underline it and have it to refer back to. I was hooked by the words which resonated so much with me and I knew this was the answer to everything in my life, so I ordered more books. 

My husband and I decided to dive right into the pool and save ourselves as well as each other with an intervention with Greg Baer MD. This was the pinnacle point in my life; my life will forever be about, before Real Love and after Real Love. We left there changed forever, with big smiles on our faces and love overflowing in our hearts. I never knew your heart could smile. Greg Baer MD also introduced us to the Real Love community which offers all the support you could imagine.

Later, Dale and I had an intervention with our daughter. There is no greater gift to give our children than Real Love. The one ingredient that most of our children are lacking is to be loved unconditionally. It is the reason for all bad behavior in both children as well as adults. That intervention proved to be just as enlightening. We met Pete Uglow a certified coach during the intervention, Greg Baer MD as well as many others in the Real Love community. All have continued to be part of my Real Love experience and have helped me to facilitate my journey to love, peace and happiness. I have tried many self-help methods in my life that sounded good in a book or at a seminar but then you get home and no support afterwards to put what you learned in practice. That's one of the ways Real Love is different for me, there is tons of support.


Thank you so much Greg and Donna Baer, Pete and Nikki Uglow, my loving husband Dale, and the Real Love community for their continued support and for changing my life. I am now happier and more at peace than I ever imagined possible because of your help.


Real Love really works! Is today the day you decide to be happy?


A special Thank You to my brother Mark who built this web site, Love You


Jacquelyn, Reno








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